dementia dialogue
dementia dialogue
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Our aim is to get the voices of people with dementia and their Carers heard.

We support and encourage care workers and service providers to engage in dialogue with each other and people with dementia. Our goal is to provide a person-centred approach to dementia care. Engagement and Communication is key.

As it is well known a large proportion of communication is non-verbal and adapting and adopting new ways of communication skills might be a bit daunting. However there are a variety of ways to develop and build on your existing skills.
To explore this further we provide training to Independent Advocates, Activity Co-ordinators, paid Care Workers and Community Groups. We also give consultations, especially on how to make the interior environment dementia friendly.

Our Training Programmes:
One Day Introductory

‘Dementia Awareness – an Introduction’, this course is aimed at care workers, activity co-ordinators and scheme managers. This course will be part of your professional development. Aim of the course is to expand your understanding of the emotional and physical needs of a person with dementia. Participants will learn how to engage with, include and involve the person with dementia, staff and the wider community. You will be provided with hand outs and have produced a ‘tailored reflective toolkit to use in your work’.

Two Day Advanced

‘Dementia Awareness – Advanced’, this course is an extension of the ‘Dementia Awareness – an introduction’ course plus participants will gain more in depth knowledge and understanding of how to advocate for a person with dementia. This course will be part of your professional development. Hand outs will be provided and at the end of training the participants will have produced a ‘tailored reflective toolkit to use in your work’, ‘how to use advocacy in everyday work’ checklist and a ‘customised communication toolkit’.

Accessible Dementia Awareness

‘Dementia Awareness made Accessible’, this course is aimed at people with learning disabilites who would like to find out more about dementia and how it can affect people. The course is half day and will be taught in an accessible way using easy read and pictures. Particiapnts will be provided with easy read hand outs. This course can be tailored to the group’s needs and wishes.

Advocacy and Reminiscence

‘Independent Dementia Advocay and Reminiscence’, this course will show you how to use reminiscence and at the same time encourage people with dementia to voice their wishes and needs. This is a one day course, delivered at your place of work. You will be provided with hand outs and have produced a samll reminiscence session outline tailored to your work.

Reminiscence Workshops

Reminiscence workshops/groups, these are usually based at care homes or luncheon clubs/community groups. This is a six week course, one day a week: week one introductory session with staff, week two to four interactive sessions with staff and people with dementia, and week six is a concluding/reflective session with staff. We will provide you with a collage of the interactive sessions and you will have produced your own reminiscence workshop outline and small props to use in your workplace.

Bespoke Training

We can develop individually tailored engagement, communication and reminiscence training suited to your needs.
For example, the Royal Borough of Greenwich have commisioned us to develop and run courses for Family Carers.
We can also deliver training and give presentations related to our research visit to Japan into dementia care (you can find out more on our News page).

20th December 2015