dementia dialogue
dementia dialogue
  • Angelika will be running 'Knitting for Wellbeing' at Woolwich Center Library 15 June

Let’s talk about dementia and take action

Changes in attitudes and surroundings can make a big difference to a person living with dementia and carers well-being

We raise awareness of dementia, encourage communication between professionals and support people living with dementia and family carers get their voice’s heard.  In our experience even just small changes to the environments can be of great benefit to people affected by dementia quality of life and well-being. How will we do this: we offer training programmes and workshops designed with people affected by dementia.  We can also tailor a training programme that suits you and/or your organisation’s needs. We provide one-to-one Carers/Family information sessions. Dementia Dialogue’s work is person and relationship centred.

Our Training Programmes


Our aim is to get the voices of people living with dementia and their family carers heard. We run effective communication workshops including creative craft sessions, such as ‘knitting for well-being’.



Angelika has completed a practical toolkit for UK carers based on her research visit to Japan.
Why Japan? Japan has the highest proportion of people living beyond a hundred years of age. Consequently it is a society facing up to their needs for social stimulation and adapting to the loss of cognitive skills. Japan has much to teach the world.To download or obtain a copy of the toolkit click on the icon above.

Individual Consultations


We offer sessions which include: positive coping ideas, cognitive stimulation activities and how to create dementia inclusive environments. Clients include: Royal Borough of Greenwich, CCG Greenwich, Healthwatch, family Carers, Advocacy services, Wellcome Collection, Normal? Festival of the Brain.

13th December 2015